15th European Conference on Mixing

Dear Colleagues,


The 15th European Conferences on Mixing will be organized under the auspices of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE Event number 728) and will be held in Saint Petersburg in time from June 28 till July 3, 2015 by the Department of optimization of chemical and biotechnological apparatuses, Saint Petersburg State Institute of Technology and chaired by Professor Rufat Abiev.

The conference provided a forum for presentations and interesting debates on the latest advances in theory and practice of mixing. Many new ideas, many new applications and many opinions will be expressed about the future of mixing as a research discipline. Conference sessions will be on fluid mechanical fundamentals of mixing processes, chemically reactive flows and precipitation, single- and multi-phase mixing, mixing of complex fluids, suspensions and dispersions, mixing in process intensification, mixing in biotechnological applications, and advances in numerical simulation of mixing

European Conferences on Mixing were held in:

1. Cambridge, UK, 1974
2. Cambridge, UK, 1976
3. York, UK, 1979
4. Noordwijkerhout, NL, 1982
5. W├╝rzburg, Germany, 1985
6. Pavia, Italy, 1988
7. Brugge, Belgium, 1991
8. Cambridge, UK, 1994
9. Paris, France, 1997
10. Delft, NL, 2000
11. Bamberg, Germany, 2003
12. Bologna, Italy, 2006
13. London, UK, 2009
14. Warsaw, Poland, 2012

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